As one of the largest IT companies in Vietnam, we at Gameloft Vietnam are committed to integrate the local IT and creative communities. Not only we work with the major universities to help provide a more adequate education to the labor market needs, we also continuously strive to train our talents’ creativity and innovation skills. We now believe that success can only be full, if we can use our expertise and facilities, to leave a durable mark in Vietnam’s future.

It is then our Company DNA to foster innovation and to raise competencies of the labor force in Vietnam. Amazingly, it has been an exciting 15-year journey for Gameloft in Vietnam, we are proud of our recognition as an Employer of choice and an actor actively engaged in the IT field.

Moving to a brand new office in Saigon, we decided to create an agora for our employees for training and exchanges; we call it our Gameloft Village! We are happy to open it to public speakers, as a safe place to reunite and inspire the IT and Creative communities, both our public audience and our own employees.

Gameloft Village is a unique environment to host professional events and conferences, which will certainly help give the IT and creative communities something to talk about!

An unusual venue:
to organize a public event.
15 years expertise:
along with an attractive reputation
and strong network in the IT sector.
A Gameloft team:
able to facilitate the
logistics of your event.
An exclusive use of
our indoor Amphitheater
and outdoor terrace.
Your mission is our mission:
We share the same desire to impact the community.

Gameloft Village is located in the convenient Binh Thanh district, 15min away from all the main districts of Ho Chi Minh City.


large indoor and outdoor areas available and adjustable upon your needs


Feel free to arrange and provide catering at your event. Surely your guests will love it! At Gameloft Village, we can help you benefit from preferred deals with our partners, if any.


we value quality over quantity at Gameloft Village. We do remain flexible based on our agenda.


We will spread the event on all our online and offline channels.


we will provide on-site support for the whole event duration, if any problem arises.


Creating an atmosphere that relates to your topic and appeals to your audience is a critical part of setting up an engaging event. Modifying or decorating a venue is expensive, so it’s smart to choose one that already aligns with your theme.


Your event, your organization and logistics. We trust you will do better than us. Yet, Gameloft Village is able to facilitate your specific needs:

  • Access to WIFI
  • Access to service lift
  • On-site parking
  • Kitchen facilities: kitchen, sink, fridge (re-heat only, no cooking)
  • Bathroom
  • Equipment: microphones, speaker (Bose), projector and projection screen, tables/chairs (indoor and outdoor), games…
  • Rain plan: light coverage outdoor

We know that one of the biggest considerations when choosing which venue to hire is the budget. This is why we let you organize your event in our facilities, as long as it aligns with our interest! It is our way to support the community.

Between 50 and 150 attendees.
Matching with our audience: IT and Creative communities.
Event plan settled at least one month before D-Day.
English-speaking ideally.
From 6PM and for a duration of 3 hours maximum.
Our visions are aligned: connect communities, spread the culture of innovation, get people out of their comfort zones.



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